Friday, 27 May 2016

Valuable Practices of SEO Audit

SEO audit is a vital process that helps us know about the website’s weaknesses which could hurt the marketing process. The top SEO experts from SMX West have shared their findings which are briefly explained below.

Elements involved in discovery and planning - Jessie Stricchiola
The first thing that should be taken into consideration, according to Jessie Stricchiola, is to know the purpose of Carmel Indiana SEO audit. SEO audit is usually performed for certain reasons; i.e. the website is new, the website has been redesigned, domain migration has been performed, or drop in traffic and penalties are to be analyzed.

While you are being hired for the task of SEO audit, you may need to find the answers of certain questions which include duration of website’s existence, the skill level of client, the nature of development and engineering methods used with the website, and the reason for the end of previous work relationship between the client and SEO and development agency.

Recommended Tools for SEO Audit – Benj Arriola
Benj Arriola presented some great ideas for SEO auditing. He suggested some tools which can help in performing an accurate SEO audit. Starting with the common errors like broken links to complex logical errors, these tools can make the life of SEO audit person pretty easier. Below is a brief description of every tool:
·         Xenu – it is the free tool which you can only use if you are PC user. The use of this tool to audit bigger sites is a difficult task.
·         Another good tool for auditing is Screaming Frog. You will need to pay very little amount to use this tool. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, this tool helps in finding errors in heading tags, title tag duplication and many more.
·         Another cheaper and good quality audit tool is Deep Crawl. This tool is equipped with a wide array of methods which track and help in fixing many errors such as broken links, problems in status headers, errors in XML sitemaps, blocked URLs, issues with AJAX, duplication and thinness of content.

Arriola further suggested some tools to fix the issues; which include SEOquake to fix problems in indexed domains, DYNOmapper and Power Mapper to fix issues with topic hierarchy.

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