Sunday, 29 May 2016

Skills that Link Builders Should Master

Judging link building as an unnecessary SEO practice based on Google’s action against poor link building methodologies is wrong approach. Link building has unchanged importance. It can be proved by the fact that agencies, which do not give importance to quality link building despite implementing every Amazon SEO method professionally, miss good results. Similarly, the conventional high quality link building alone cannot solve all the problems and, hence, a link builder needs to think outside the box in order to get good results. Below are some skills which definitely explain the difference between a link builder and a great link builder.
  • Do not focus only the page you are linking to in your site. Take into consideration the entire site. It wouldn’t really matter if the quality of subpage you are linking at is perfect. The overall quality of that site has the pivotal role which cannot be ignored. You wouldn’t really want to add a subpage link belonging to a bad quality website in your content.
  • Emailing the high authority website owners to get your link added in their websites is a common practice. However, the email has to be written professionally. It doesn’t mean that you should write an email that would take 15 minutes to read. Keep it short, professional and meaningful while explaining how adding your link can be useful. It’s definitely a give-and-take deal.
  • Make sure that internal linking of your website is functional. Avoid such practices that would end up breaking the URLs. A broken URL suggests the search engine that your website would not do well if placed on the top position in SERPs. As a consequence of having more broken URLs, you might need to add redirects which also make those links useless for the users. It can be disastrous in the long run.
  • About 75% of link builders use keywords for creating anchor texts. This technique had worked well in the past but the latest trend in link building suggests that this technique is going to be unsuccessful in the future. The machine learning and artificial intelligence possessed by search engines now focus on more useful information for the viewers. Hence, the anchor text creation would need to be eventful.


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