Friday, 27 May 2016

Retaining a Local SEO Client

The SEO personnel often seem worried about how to retain a client. It’s a fact that clients are the people who expect SEO to do wonders for their sites. That is the major reason they keep asking the questions; how long it would take for my page to show up on top, or how bigger traffic the SEO strategy would manage to direct to my site.

If you are dealing with such a client and you want to satisfy him/her, the only way is to make the client understand your SEO strategy and its importance for the website. It doesn’t mean that you should start explaining every bit of complex information in order to make the client understand everything from the scratch. There are simpler and easier ways to explain things and this is what you should do.

What does local SEO include?
Local SEO is connected with several signals which exist on and off the site. These signals are the ranking factors each of which holds a specific and vital value. Below is the diagram of ranking factors by Moz.
Looking at this image, it becomes obvious that improvement in website’s rank requires work to be done in certain areas. Hence, there is no single department in which one can dedicatedly work in order to extract desirable results. Moreover, SEO for different niches, even in the same locality, is different. You cannot just implement a successful SEO strategy for auto repair business to promote insurance business. Even the same businesses located in different localities need separate and sometimes completely different SEO strategies.

How explain SEO equation to the client
The first thing that you should be able to make the client understand is the factor of competition. In other words, the business you are trying to promote doesn’t have a monopoly. Hence, the SEO process wouldn’t be sufficient if you are promoting just a few pages. For successful Chiropractic SEO, you will need to pay equal and adequate attention to all of the relevant signals.

Another factor worth explaining is that your niche has competitors you are fighting with. Therefore, even if you have managed to beat the competition, it would only serve as a signal of motivation for the competitors. This example should be sufficient to make the client know the fact that SEO is a never-ending process.

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